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Note: This product is discontinued. It is still available for download and can still be puchased through this site. However it has not been developed for a number of years. We can provide support for registration keys but only limited support for the product itself.

CityTime for Palm OS

World Time for Palm OS Devices.

The fast and accurate day/night plot shows where it is day and night across the world in real time. Time anywhere in the world can be estimated by referring to the day/night plot. Tapping on the main screen map shows the name and time in the nearest city. Four world clocks on screen give precise information and show the day of the week in remote cities.

The 'Location' feature allows you to automatically and accurately adjust your Pocket PC's location and timezone when traveling. Fully automatic daylight savings time means remote city times are always correct. Onscreen DST indicators allow you to see at a glance any cities which are currently in daylight savings time.

Full online help is provided within the program, it includes not only information on use but interesting information about geography.


Download - Version 5.8.4

[DOWNLOAD CityTime 5.8.4]
Download CityTime 5.8.4 for Palm OS
(PC, Mac, Unix .zip file)


CityTime is a fully functioning program with a ten day trial period. Click below to register the program;



Various links to city import files and other useful information related toCityTime.





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