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Code City was founded in 1998 as the name for a business making handheld device software.

The name came from a time slightly earlier when playing cards and the phrase "jack city" came up. From then onwards it was easy to use the word 'city' to make any kind of name. For a while my consulting business was called Mac City because I focused on supporting Macintosh computers.

I strongly believe in the phrase "There's never been a good racehorse with a bad name". Names are important.

CityTime was a great name for a world time program which basically told you the time in cities around the world. When that was nearing completion I needed a website and a domain name so the name Code City was the ironic choice. Ironic because I had only learnt to program in the last few months and still barely knew what I was doing.

It's first product was called "CityTime" and it found instant success and was for many years one of the top five selling programs for Palm Personal Digital Assistants. This was all in the time before 2007 - when the first iPhone came along and completely changed everything.

Prior to making CityTime I was a self employed computer consultant. Beyond knowing the basic programming language from when I was a kid I knew hardly anything of programming. But I felt it was time to learn so I bought a box with a CD in it and started learning how to program using CodeWarrior for Palm OS in the incredible programming language 'C'.

It took three months or thereabouts to learn enough C to make a program and that program was version 1.0 of CityTime.