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"CityTime by Code City is an extremely useful application for businessmen and other users who often travel around the world or just want to know what time it is in another country. The idea of the application is to give you important information tailored to your location. It not only shows exact time anywhere in the world, but also lets you manage your international meetings or flights.."

PDA Live

"CityTime is a wonderful app with numerous useful features, and great looks to boot. I know this sounds shallow, but the CityTime graphics on a IIIc are just outstanding, and I feel this is the way that all color apps should be."

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Pen Computing Magazine

"...and it's just about the coolest looking program I've seen for the Palm platform. Get it and show off to your friends that you can carry a Geochron in the palm of your hand."

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John Coyle

Anyway, thanks again and kudo's on a great product. I am a 747 Captain and travel between the States, Japan and Thailand. I have interests in Canada as well. With City Time I don't wake anybody up at 03:00 by mistake!!!!


John Coyle

Frank Barnard

I use CityTime every single day and I would be lost without it. I work for a large, multinational company with customers and business partners in every corner of the world. I need the ability to quickly see times across multiple continents on a daily basis. CityTime makes it simple to arrange meetings across several time zones that are sensible for my customers. It also makes me look brilliant for my ability to quickly and accurately manage my schedule. Thanks for an invaluable business tool--and a cool looking program with which to impress people to boot.

You've done an incredible job.

Michael B. Williams

I just got my registration key for CityTime and am writing to tell you what an elegant and useful program I think it is. I sit on a board with many international members. I live in Berkeley, California USA and have occasion to call members in other countries. Before CityTime, I had no idea what time it was in the place I was calling without going through a lot of arithmetic mumbojumbo. CityTime will eliminate this gruesome work and save me from the embarrassment of discovering I have inadvertently called someone in the wee hours of the morning "their time."

Thank you for your programming excellence

John Ellis

Please inform the designer that this is a superbly finished product - in addition to its undoubted functionality it has a very profesional feel.


Richard Entwistle

Thanks for the reg key. Works fine! And thanks for an excellent program. Most useful and enjoyable to use. I can understand why some folk buy a Palm just to run this. :)

Your program suits the Palm very well. Runs fast, looks nice, well designed, and indispensable.

Very best regards.


Florian Boyd

I wanted to mention that CityTime is one of the reasons I bought a PalmPilot. I borrowed a PalmPilot from a friend to play with and downloaded and installed CityTime. I'm a bit of a "time" and sunrise/sunset nut and keep a similar sun map running on my PC so I was overjoyed to find CityTime. Decided I needed a Pilot of my own and CityTime too!

Thanks for a nice product...


Tony Herd

Many thanks for the quick response. It was my first ever purchase fully completed over the net and I am mightily impressed, not only with your rapid service, but also the product - Absolutely Fabulous.

Keep up the Great Work!

Regards...Tony Herd.

Rick Rickert

Thanks for the password.

Assuming you're the person that wrote this program, I just wanted to tell you that its one of the most awesome programs out there that I've seen. I do a lot of international calling, and its perfect for what I do.

I'd be interested in anything else that you design in the future. Please keep me posted.

Ganesh Bell

I moved to the Palm device a year ago and I used to carry my $50 Casio just to tell time in different parts of the world. My family spread out (brother in Malaysia, parents in India, cousins and friends in London, middle east, australia..etc).

After sampling at least a dozen programs I selected CityTime. It took only a couple of minutes for me decide on it. My order will be coming any time now.

Congrats on a job well done.

Tom Wong

I want to congrats you for good Job on your updates and everything...

At first, I sort of balked about the cost of registering. As it did turn out, your program is probably the easiest to use of all and it was very useful for my business & travels. I love to even show it off!

I do appreciate that you have made excellent attempts in both:

A) Improving your program and

B) Notifying me about your up dates via e-mail.

I cannot readily recall anyone else doing that once "they got my money."

Robert Vence

I was glad to see your program on PilotGear and will be registering the program. Back in the late 70's, I ran a worldwide navigation system called OMEGA (there used to be a station south of Melbourne.) For accurate navigation it was important to know where the terminator was located. We used a Geochron clock to follow the sun. I use a program called World Watch on my PC and was happy to see CityTime.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next version.

Shawn Barnett

GREAT program (City Time). I went online today specifically looking for such a thing. I'm really enjoying it, and will register it quite soon, to avoid its expiration.

I just wanted to mention, in case you were not aware, that such wall clocks existed in the real world long before computer programmers got the idea to make them. I can't remember what they're called (ed: they're called GeoChrons), but they're big (at least 2 feet x 4 feet), lighted incandescently and look really cool. They use some kind of band inside to separate light from dark. They're also around US$2,000 to US$4,000, hence I do not have one. Since somewhere in the late 1970s I have lusted after one, so I know they date back at least to then.

Daniel M Nosenchuck

I want to thank you for CityTime. It is my No. 1 travel and time-keeping companion. I travel extensively throughout the world, and installed V1.3 just days prior to my latest trip to Asia. Your addition of the 'Changing Locations' feature encouraged me, for the first time, to keep my Palm III current to the local time zone, and to use the new local time to set my watch. The fact that I was always current on the time and the relation to day/nite let me intelligently plan several key business calls during my transpacific segments, which I might not have otherwise done, if it were not for your new simple and elegant time setting capability.

I appreciate the fact that CityTime is very clean and straighforward, in keeping with the paradigm of the Palm III. Whatever you do, please don't bog it down with bells and whistles (which I'm fairly confident you won't)...

Jay Stein

I am proud to be a registered user of CityTime. You have really made my investment worth while by providing timely, feature-rich improvements. I really like the ability to tap on the map (to see the time in the nearest city) that you added in version 2.1. I can tell that you put alot of work into these releases.


Klaus Breuer

Thank you very much for your excellent support!

I'm Most Happy with the new version, and several people at work were impressed enough to want it too - one of them is going out to buy a Palm III on Monday :)


Phil Wheeler

These days there are few *new* programs for the Palm's which are really innovative, useful and fun. You have scored big in all three categories!

- Phil


Review at Almanac for Piloteers (CityTime version 1.0, way back in July 1998)...

Finally, a long been waited application has arrived for the PalmOS platforms. CityTime will show you the map of the world with the sunny and shaded regions of the globe. Four cities can be displayed with their local times from a fully editable list of 30. DST can be set manually for each city. The graphics design is mature, the interface is well engineered and easy to use. Furure versions will include fully automatic DST support, greyshaded worldmap and alarms in remote cities' time. A database of all capitals with locations on the map could also be a meaningful extension.

(The image above shows how Citytime version 1.0 looked on the latest Palm device in July 1998 - color screens were still a couple of years away)



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